The rant of an introvert

What is beauty?

The pretty eyes and skin

Or the kind heart?

When we speak without empathy

And hurt those who are struggling

We are not beautiful

What is friendship?

The large gathering of friends in a party

Or the silent phone call of a friend in trouble who knew you can be trusted with a secret

When we break trust, we end a


What are relationships

The pretentious words we say to be popular

Or the silent support we extend at all times

The silent hand that reaches out for support is far better than the thousand empty words

Still waters run deep

So to all the people who brag less

Speak less and pretend less

Beauty, relationships and friendships mean so much… When they appear the way they actually are…

Less is more….

olive green

The early morning sun,

Songs which I hum,

Smell of freshly brassoed stars,

And polished belt and boots,

I don’t know about the branches,

But these are my roots,

A crisp salute,

A poignant tribute……

Friends I grew up with,

And friends with whom I trained,

Formed bonds that last a lifetime,

No pretence, no differences remained,

Blood or water, I can’t say

But these bonds withstand the test of time,

Smiles we shared together,

Silent tears we cried,

Strong and calm on the surface,

Hearts of gold inside…..

In a world where honour is rare,

No one has time to spare,

There are some who need a whisper

And they appear at your side……

As a girl I loved blushing pink

As a bride it was deep maroon

As a mom its baby blue,

But my first color,

My one true love

Always , OLIVE GREEN all through….



Just like you

I wore pink You wore blue

That was the only difference

I was raised

Just like you

My knees too bruised

And bats and balls I used

I also studied and played

Just like you

I got the best

Was praised and kissed

FOR all I did

Just like you

I dreamed big

And fought my blues

I was a tough nut

Just like you

My grades were good

I slogged with books

I topped my class

Just like you

I started work

With passion and zeal

Days and nights I did not feel

Just like you

When I fell in love

I tied the knot

He was my best friend and full of support

Just like your wife was for you

then I became a mother

And began raising two kids

I needed to be around them a lot more

Not like you

You are a father

And you are great at your work

I am a mother

And am great at my work

So don’t try and decide my worth

By the way I raise my kids

Or the way I cook or clean

I may do it all

I may do none

For though I was raised just like you

I learnt a lot along the way

To keep a smile on my face

And carry my sunshine all day

I will keep going

Just like u….

This is a heartfelt hug to all working mothers and a message to their family and colleagues….. May you all keep shining and get all the support and appreciation you deserve…. 😊

The Young soldier

My life, my dreams, my aspirations are like most people around me… To be happy, to make my parents proud, to excel in life, to have a happy family life… 


Above all… To serve my nation. 

I am calm as a breeze when my country prospers and fierce as a tempest when my motherland is disturbed. The people make the nation. The people for whom I work. Your silent guardian. You don’t know my name. You don’t need to know it. My uniform is my identity…. 

I live for you, and will die for you as well. If and when the need arises…. I will forget my home, my family, my own needs.. . But I will never let you down. That is the oath I took… 

I don’t need anything in return for doing this… I don’t want accolades or awards, glory or fame… 

But look after my family when I go….. Spare me a thought..  They will find strength in your love… 

– Yours truly 

A soldier

I remember.. 

images (2)

The euphoria I felt when I found out I’m carrying you two

The first ultrasound when you both were tiny blips

The first time I saw your heart beating

The first fluttering movements

The first kick and punch

The first time we saw you yawn

And so much more… I remember

And I always will…

Remember and cherish the moments

When you were only mine

Before you were born

When I knew you are safe

When I imagined your faces

I imagined what it would feel like

To hold you and kiss your tiny cheeks

I remember…

Monitoring every ounce and pound

To ensure you are born healthy

I remember the waves of nausea

And I remember the physical pain

And how I forgot it all

When I saw you for the first time

I heard you both crying and I forgot everything else

My world changed

The day you came into the world

Such is the life of a mother

She belongs to her children

And her heart beats in them

Thank you my babies

For all the happiness you brought..

I will always remember

The time before you were born…

I thought of you… 

When I saw my name in the list

I thought of you

And the future so bright

As my chest swelled with pride

I thought of you

And on your face the look of delight

As I packed my bags and took the train

I thought of you

And that last cup of tea

As I reached academy

I thought of you

And I felt replete

As I trained hard and my body hurt

I Thought of you

And the warmth in your eyes

As I made new friends

I thought of you

And your hugs and your smiles

As I wore stars on my shoulders

I thought of you

And the twinkle in your eyes

As I sat alone on my post

I thought of you

And I missed you the most

I was waiting for the perfect time

To ask you to be mine

I thought of what to say

I got the ring and planned the thing

And just as I packed my bags

Duty called…

I thought of you

When I was amidst it all

As I shot the enemy

When I got hit

I thought of you

And the pride in your eyes

When I bled

And just as I was on my way

I thought of all the things I wanted to say

And all the things I wanted to do

But most of all

I thought of you…

This is a tribute to the heroes we lost … and their incomplete stories.. so much to say and so much left to do… may their souls rest in peace